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We are producing the best mini golf courses for you since 2001…

Minigolf is a sports that can be played by all: women, men, children, the old, the handicapped, in short, by everyone. It may also be played on both indoor and outdoor areas.

Mini Golf 35 is the first and unique portable minigolf courses manufacturer in Turkey and one of the Europe’s leading manufacturers of minigolf courses and Adventure Golf Courses.

The company has two main product segments; Synthetic Golf Courses, in which our whole Adventure Golf and Putting Green are gathered under the brand, and Mini Golf 35, in which our portable minigolf range is represented under the brand.

Ever since its inception in İzmir, Turkey at 2001, Mini Golf 35 has been cutting edge of development. Our motto is “Maxi Excitement in MINI Space “

To date, the company has supplied and installed over 1000 minigolf courses and adventure golf courses worldwide.

We design and build high-quality minigolf and adventure golf courses for all situation as per your target area. We also offer after sales services throughout our golf courses’ long lifespan.

High quality, long life and low maintenance costs are watchwords for our company.

This form of sports that you can play on a minimum area with maximum excitement will add a new image and privilege to you, your environment and your establishment.


MAXI Excitement in MINI Space

Minigolf35 offers you a maximum excitement with exceptional minigolf courses since 2001.

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