Adventure Golf

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Adventure golf is an activity that can be played by anyone from 7 to 70 in indoor and outdoor areas.

Adventure Golf increases popularity throughout the world and it has a fast return on your business. It can be designed and built as 6, 9, 12 or 18 courses according to the your budget and size of your field.

18 courses are mandatory for international championships. 6, 9 and 12 courses are suitable for national championships.

According to World Minigolf Federation, Adventure Golf is related to MOS(Minigolf Open Standard) category. Generally, Adventure Golf is built on the planned area.

As Mini Golf 35 , we have transformed this technique into Portable, Fast & Easy to install Adventure Golf Courses as a result of our R & D efforts.

If you share the dimensions and geographical conditions of your area with us, our professional project department will give you the opportunity to place your selections from 9 or 18 holes in your area and present them with 3D visual.

Minigolf, which is one of the rare activities that you can do together with a few generations at the same time, is a socializing and entertaining way of life where you will enjoy being present.

For entrepreneurs,  it offers an attractive business opportunity with cheap equipment and few staff.

You can choose from our 18 Courses of  Adventure Golf with an average length of 7,5m or from our 9 Courses of Mini Adventure Golf with an average length of 5m depending on the suitability of your area.

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