Mini golf courses are profitable because they:

attract all age groups
are cheap to run – low staffing needs of 1 or 2 people
have cheap equipment cost (putters and balls)
provide large profit margins
pay themselves off quickly (often in 8-10 months)
are a fun business to run
attract customers all year round.




Get the design right

Getting a professionally designed mini golf course that looks amazing and plays superbly is a huge part of making sure your business is a success.
A beautiful course will stick in people’s minds long after they have left. And a course with superior gameplay will ensure that customers have a great time playing and are more likely to return.

In other words, if your mini golf course is memorable (for all the right reasons) it is more likely to be successful.

Get a quality course built by professionals

A high-quality mini golf course ensures value for money on your investment.
Quality construction and materials will mean that your course will last a lot longer and require much less maintenance.
Cutting corners on construction costs and materials is likely to come back to haunt you down the track.
Getting professionals to build you a mini golf course is a great way to help make sure your business is a long-term financial success.

Do your research

It’s never a good idea to go into a new business blindly. A big part of creating a profitable mini golf business is to research the industry, market and local area.
Research will help you make the right decisions about important things like:
size of your course
ticket pricing





You can calculate your possible income with our revenue calculator. Create a strong business plan!

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