Blacklight Mini Adventure Golf


Blacklight – Glow in the Dark Minigolf is one of the fastest growing trends in recreational activities located in inner cities, and as an additional attraction at existing sports and leisure centres.

Now, very easy to transform from your traditional minigolf area to Blacklight Indoor Minigolf area with pop-up adventure golf courses, painted fluorescent fiberglass probs and self-fluorescent ABS borderbricks.

  • Fully MOVEABLE pop’n’play system,
  • Can PLAY both in blacklight and daylight,
  • QUICK and SIMPLE installation in minutes,
  • NO NEED spray paint for courses anymore,
  • NO MAINTANENCE COST for a long time,
  • Durable, quality design and UNIQUE,
  • No need any EXPERT support,

Turn on the blacklight and PLAY…

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